Distant Healing, Vibrational Resonance, Frequency via Sound bites, all to enhance Health and Wellbeing.

At Sage House we bring to our clients Spiritual and Energetic Healing techniques that we have found to be supportive of the healing and personal growth process. An Informational Medicine System that was developed from resources that include studies undertaken at Princeton University (P.E.A.R. Project) and with the knowledge and experience of Kiran Schmidt, a German Physicist.

With Sage House can experience your personal balancing program from the comfort of your own home.

You can expect to:

-Awaken an awareness of your connection to your environment

-Relieve stress and begin working towards managing stress in your life

-Increase your natural energy levels, strength and stamina

-Improve your state of mind and your ability to focus

-Help your mind and body to detox gently and effectively

-Improve sleep patterns

-Releasing emotional issues and beliefs you no longer need in your life




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